Welcome to a New Year! As we always do, we are starting our year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. Now I have done fasts the right way, and I have done fasts the wrong way. Fasting is SO beneficial! So many people have asked me during a fast, “I can’t believe that […]

Should Moms Fast? (Ep. 32)

As a mother, one of the greatest responsibilities given to you is to raise your children to know the Lord so they may build their lives upon a foundation of faith. Leaving their spiritual growth up to the Sunday School and Children’s Church is simply not enough. So how do you teach your children about […]

3 Tips for Cultivating Your Children’s Faith

The first quarter of 2019 has been very productive. We’ve been called to run with momentum this year. Not just me personally, but I believe every Christian is called to do the same. If you’re a child of God, you need to have the results of a child of God! “Yes, just as you can […]

The Fuel For Your Increase

  Do you realize that there’s supernatural power that’s been deposited in your body that can be released when you speak? In today’s episode, I want to show you from the Word of God how to change the atmosphere of your home and life by harnessing the power of your words. You can ensure that […]

Releasing The Miracle That’s In Your Mouth (Ep. 010)

When I travel, I encounter a lot of goal setters. They set goals for weight loss, marriage, education, their career, to be a better parent, how many books they will read in a year, and the list goes on. Something that’s much more rare, but so important, is setting spiritual goals. Spiritual goals require spiritual […]

The Power of Goal-Oriented Faith

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