Welcome to a New Year! As we always do, we are starting our year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. Now I have done fasts the right way, and I have done fasts the wrong way. Fasting is SO beneficial! So many people have asked me during a fast, “I can’t believe that […]

Should Moms Fast? (Ep. 32)

  Once we understand the nature and character of God, we understand that it’s always His plan to bless us and never His plan to hurt us. We’re making the decision to not bring any old issues into a new year. This episode we’ll talk about practical ways to make that a reality for you.

Don’t Bring Old Issues Into A New Year (Ep. 031)

We live in a generation that the Word of God prophesied would fall away from the faith. Although many are faithful to their jobs, families, and personal vision, where is the loyalty to God? Loyalty to God will be seen by personal dedication. Your actions prove your loyalty. It all starts internally. What fills your […]

Where Does Your Loyalty Lie? (Ep. 030)

    It’s so important to listen to your spirit man who’s directly connected to the Holy Spirit. Every decision can be the right one when you’re being guided by His voice. In this episode, I talk about why it’s important to hear His guidance about not only big things, but the small ones too.

Voice-Guided Navigation- Being Led By The Spirit (Ep 028)

    Training your children in godliness isn’t just discipline for wrong actions. More importantly, it’s teaching them the benefits of obedience. God always rewards His children for obedient actions and that’s what this episode is about. The blessings of obedience are far greater than anything we could imagine.  

The Supernatural Blessings of Obedience

  Today’s episode is a mindset that every woman needs to have. The mindset that you don’t have varying seasons of productivity or victory. In this episode, we will talk about how to ensure that dry seasons come to an end and ensure you bear fruit in every season.

No More Dry Seasons (Ep. 027)

  Sometimes it’s easy to get irritated when your husband (or boyfriend/fiance) do their own thing on their own time. Whether it be hobbies, sports, music, or even video games, they have their own way to unwind. This episode deals with why you shouldn’t be irritated or offended when they spend time away from you. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Jealous of His Free Time (Ep. 026)

Many times moms deal with fear every time they come to a new point in their child’s life: going to daycare, the first day of school, first sleep-away camp, high school, college, and many more things. This podcast episode is for you. We must learn how to conquer the enemy of fear.

How to Deal with “Mommy Fear” (Ep. 025)

Many times, it’s hard for women to understand how to push forward in the ministry that God has called them to because there aren’t as many examples for them to follow. In this week’s episode, I interview Pastor Joie Miller of Champion Christian Center who is also the host of the Mrs Rev podcast which […]

How to Succeed in Ministry as a Woman with Pastor Joie Miller (Ep. 024)

The Lord led me to speak to you about the supernatural power of rest. I’m going to share some insight from the Word of God and examples from my own life to show you that it’s important to stop sometimes. Rest is so vital in your pursuit of success as a woman.    

STOP . . . Before You Drop (Ep. 023)

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